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What We Do

Green Gold LLC is a global exporter of various waste paper products. We receive material from various recycling companies and independent waste haulers. Our reputation for maintaining the highest level of business integrity is known throughout the world. Providing quality products to our customers is the key to our success.

To product best quality paper, it needs high quality ingredients (waste paper) to produce high quality paper products.

The quality of each type of waste paper product depends on the dealer and their respective suppliers.

To help ensure the most efficient method of waste paper supply, we try to communicate with our customers to get their requirement and provide them with utmost information about the product.

There are various grades of waste paper and at Green Gold, we make sure that our customers get what they have asked for.

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Green Gold LLC
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Consists of double-sorted corrugated containers, generated from supermarkets and/or industrial or commercial facilities, having liners or test liner, jute, or kraft. Material has been specially sorted to be free of boxboard, offshore corrugated, plastic, and wax. Our material is very clean and outthrow does not exceed 2%.

OCC #11

Clean sorted printed or unprinted corrugated cardboard cartons, boxes or sheet, must be Kraft or jute liner content. May contain staples or poly tape, must be free of asphalt tapes and asphalt lined materials, may not contain more than 5% fiber re-enforced tapes. Our OCC# 11 consists of corrugated containers having liners of either test liner, jute or kraft.